Are insurance companies cover the blood money payment in UAE?

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Are insurance companies cover the blood money payment in UAE?

Yes, most of insurance companies will cover the payment of the Blood money, but of course in most of the cases I saw you have to pay first then file a lawsuit against the insurance company to get your money back.

But you should consider that there’s some conditions should be applied before you get your money from the insurance company, example; the accident should be normal means you are not under alcoholic influence or under any kind of drags, and also you should have a valid driving license.

The Dubai Court of Cassation has confirmed a legal principle which states that a motorist who causes a fatal road accident while driving with an expired driving license cannot claim blood money from the insurance company.

The Cassation Court’s ruling stated: “Should a driving license be expired and its holder fails to renew it within the given grace period and without having a valid justification for that, the motorist has no legal right to drive a car before renewing the license or obtaining a new one in accordance with the traffic regulations.

“Also, the owner of the car or its driver has no right to ask the car’s insurance company to pay blood money. The insurance company has the right to refuse to pay blood money,” stressed the verdict of the Court of Cassation.

  • Does the payment of blood money release the guilty from other punishment (imprisonment, fine, other ones)?

It’s vary from kind of crime to another, and it’s mentioned clearly in Panel Law; for example;

Article (26)

Crimes shall be divided into the following categories:

  1. Doctrinal crimes.
  2. Punitive and blood-money crimes.
  3. Chastisement crimes.

Crimes are of three types: felonies, misdemeanors and contraventions.

The category of the crime shall be determined in accordance with the penalty provided thereto by law, and if the crime is punishable by fine or by blood money with another penalty, its category shall be determined in accordance with the other penalty.

And we can find an example for the blood money payment in Article 9 which mentioned that:

Article (29)

A misdemeanor is a crime punishable by one or more of the following penalties:

  1. A fine exceeding one thousand Dirhams.
  2. Blood money.
  3. Whipping in punishment for drunkenness and defamation.

And according to this Article misdemeanor can be punished by blood money only or the judge can add another punishment from the mentioned ones.

So, we cannot be assure if the Blood Money will release the guilt without any other punishment or not because it’s related to the court decision, and the court build its decision on many criteria like the severity of the offense, or in case of recidivism and so on…


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