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Dr. Medhat Soliman J.D – LL.D
Bilingual Legal Counsel | Real Estate Laws’ Lecturer | Arbitration Adviser | Experienced in-house & Legal Firms
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a Professional Lawyer. With 10+ years of experience in delivering legal advice (as an in-house legal adviser and Legal Counsel at local or International Legal Firms) that result in an 80% increase in satisfaction to my clients or Companies I am working with. I hold a Certificate in Legal Drafting which makes me more powerful against 90% of my competitors. I have attended workshops and training for Business and Commercial Skills. I am also proficient at negotiating to reach a Legal Amicable Settlements when needed for the sake of the persons I represent. I attended many important conferences as a Speaker, and I did some parts as a legal legislator to Real Estate Laws. A quick learner who can quickly absorb new situations and can communicate clearly and effectively with both legal professionals and members of the public to provide legal assistance within Litigations and Disputes.