Dr. Medhat Soliman attended as a speaker at the eights Global Property Consultant Summit


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HE Marwan Ahmed Bin Ghalita, CEO of the Real Estate Regulatory Agency was the guest of honour at the event who spoke about why the UAE is one of the strongest real estate industries in the region. He also encouraged the participants to focus on the local market and work together for the sector to grow and be stable to attract more investment.

Keynotes and presentations covered topics such as the emerging trends of GCC Property Developments Market for 2018-2022, Strategies, opportunities and guaranteed return on investments, what investors need from the real estate industry, and what are the challenges in the real estate industry and what are the solutions.

 The presentations were offered by the top leaders in the industry including Dr. Tawfiq A Al-Swailem, CEO & President Bureau for Research & Economic Consultation, Dr. Medhat Soliman, Real Estate Laws Lecturer at Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute (ADVETI).   The summit sessions also highlighted a variety of advisory techniques such as the Blockchain revolutionizing techniques presented by Mr. Nesar Khan, Managing Director, FP Global Developments, besides discussing the real estate legal strategies and challenges facing tenancy contracts, presented by Dr. Medhat Soliman.

The summit is an indispensable business platform designed to support real estate institutions, investors and related sectors to take advantage of the benefits during this important event and invite their clients to learn about the latest practices, services, projects and real estate solutions. The summit is an exceptional opportunity to support the realization of the vision of investment strategies, sustainability and economic development.

On right; HE Marwan Ahmed Bin Ghalita, CEO of the Real Estate Regulatory Agency © DataMatix

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