Dr. Medhat Soliman’ Biography

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Dr Medhat Soliman J.D – LL.D Bilingual Legal Counsel | Real Estate Laws’ Lecturer | Arbitration Adviser | Experienced in-house & Legal Firms

Dr Medhat Soliman’Biography:

Dr Medhat Soliman is a Professional Lawyer. with 10+ years of experience in delivering legal advice (as an in-house legal adviser and Legal Counsel at local and International Legal Firms) that result in more than 80% increase in satisfaction to his clients or Companies, he working with.

Dr Medhat practices international and corporate Real-Estate law, He has worked extensively in matters involving international investment and trade, disputes and negotiations in Real-Estate Developing joint ventures, Debt settlements, Commercial Disputes. He has also structured and Manage a number of Criminal Cases in UAE and ARE.

Dr Medhat holds a Certificate and a great Experience in Contracts Drafting which makes him more powerful against 90% of his competitors.

Dr Medhat Soliman J.D – LL.D

Dr Medhat has written and lectured on legal topics relating Real-Estate to UAE regulations governing Real-Estate trade and investment. He is a member of the Egyptian Bar Association, Member of the Arab lawyers union and Member of the Union of Trade and Investment Experts, Egypt.

He earned his J.D. in 2016 from Oslo Institute, Norway, and in 2015 his International Diploma in Negotiating and Drafting Contracts from British Phoenix Academy, UK, his LL.B in 2010 from The Arab Academy for Science & Maritime Transport the Institute of International Transport & Logistics, Egypt, and his B.A in 2005 from Ain Shams University, Egypt.

Dr Medhat attended many important conferences as a Speaker and did some parts as a legal legislator to Real Estate Laws.

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